Picture of Caleb

Caleb Harrison

UNC Chapel Hill • PhD Candidate

I am a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My philosophical interests lie in ethics (normative and applied), social and political philosophy, and moral psychology.

I am writing my dissertation on trust, with a specific focus on trusting attitudes, and groups as their object. We frequently report trusting (or not trusting) such groups as "The Police," "The Church," or "The University." What kind of attitudes are we reporting when we do this? What about groups could make them worthy of such attitudes? Can we understand the answers to these questions by analyzing interpersonal trust? And if groups can't be worthy of trust, do we lose something of significance? I aim to provide answers to these questions that will also shed light on how our lives might go better or worse, in a world in which our connections to others are increasingly mediated by our relations to various groups.

I wrote my MA thesis on justice in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments. Prior to coming to Chapel Hill, I completed my BA at St. Olaf College, studying both philosophy and international development.